Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ferrari : V4 Superbike Futuristic Bike

Israeli automated artist Amir Glinik has appear up with an absurd Ferrari motorcycle abstraction application a acclimatized agent from the Ferrari Enzo supercar. Application drive-by-wire technology, the V4 superbike appearance duke controls acclimatized from an F-16 fighter jet and buttons based on those begin on the council caster of Ferrari’s Formula 1 racecars. Other controls for the complete arrangement and cruise computer are amid on an all acclimate touchscreen.

“Vintage and avant-garde Ferrari projects access my design,” Glinik notes. “It’s a mix of what I acquisition to be the best Ferrari curve with the latest technology I could anticipate of in agreement of engine, accessory and active management.” He has additionally fabricated a adaptation in ablaze yellow. As far as how fast it goes and how abundant the bike would cost, we can alone brainstorm about actual big numbers in both cases. We accept no abstraction if Glinik’s V4, which he’s been alive on for the accomplished few years, will anytime ability the assembly stage, but we anticipate he’s got a absolute champ here.

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